Family and Friends

Special thanks go out to Family and Friends who helped make this site possible.

Pierre Remillard

Remillard Family

Special thanks to Ron Eustice and His Family for the Remillard History and information.

Eustace Families Association

Remillard and their Bricks

Special thanks to Dan Mosier of California Bricks for the education and assistance, as well as the first sale of OLD STOCK Bricks since the 1960’s.


The Countess and Her Chateau

Special thanks to Mrs. Jennifer Bruhard, cousin to the Countess for her Interest, Support, and Pictures donated.

The Carolands

The Heiress and Her Chateau: Carolands of California


Ashworth Family

Special thanks to:  Ben Pierce and Forest Wass, both descendants of D.C. (David Crogin)  Ashworth of Mariposa, the Brother of James Ashworth, builder of the San Jose Ashworth  Remillard Home.

See the links below for the Mariposa Ashworth Family.


The Ashworth Family of Mariposa