Sue’s Promise

The story of Sue’s Promise

Sue grew up on the East-Side of San Jose and never took the opportunity to notice and “explore” this property until February 2007.

As a Brick Collector, she spotted a mound of bricks, outside a soon to be condemned, terrible smelling house.  She sought out the owner (in no better shape) and asked for a brick from his pile.  He responded with “I’ll give you 2 if you come back and check on me tomorrow”.  She thought a second and agreed.  She took one brick and returned for the second the next day.  He then asked for help.  She agreed to a payment in bricks.  Pretty soon, she owned about 400 of those bricks.

Her story was summarized by the Mercury News in September 2010.  It gave the public a window into the history of this Historic Site.  To Sue, this was the toughest job she has ever taken.  But you’ll get an understanding of what was another “Old Person to Help Project”.