Donations and Volunteers

For those who wish to help by donating items, here is an example of the types of things we need.  They can be used, old, but safe, please.

Please check with us first, to ensure we haven’t already received an item on this list.

A real must:  exterior scaffolding to reach roof safely.

Roofing Material, TBD.
Chain link Gate for Driveway.
Green fence fabric about 100’.
Paint, exterior, Off White 50 gallons. Ok, not used 😉
Sheds, prefer wood, for tool and supply storage.
Hay bales 4, and chicken feed. (Ok, Not so used).
Yard tools, hand tools for gardening.
Plastic Pallets.
Green waste Haulers

Services that are needed:
Education on masonry and what we need to repair it.
Lathe and plaster.
Electrical basics.

If you come for a tour, maybe you’ll see something you can offer.

3 Replies to “Donations and Volunteers”

    1. Hi Eddie;

      The best way to get involved is to stop by some Saturday morning, between 10 and 12 noon, and talk with Sue.

      She can give you a quick tour around the site and explain what volunteer opportunities are available.


  1. Hello, I’ve lived in San Jose my whole life and have always wondered about this house. I would love to offer my services free of charge. I am a glazier. Window work, shower glass work, mirrors etc… screens. Whoever is running this project please feel free to give me a call.

    Justin [phone number deleted]

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